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Has The Lord Called You To Start An Online Ministry?


I know that many of you have been feeling the Lord whispering to you "now's the time", but there's one problem--you don't know where to start


Or maybe you've started the ministry already, but you're not quite sure how to get it off the ground.

Well consider this an answer to a prayer, Sis, I got you....

You'll finally be able to ditch the feelings of overwhelm, and get over fear as the Ultimate Online Ministry Planner guides you step-by-step through.....


  • Identifying your goals for your ministry
  • Choosing your ministry model
  • Determining  what products & services you can create, that will take your ministry to the next level. 
  • Creating a ministry budget
  • Selecting a payment processor,
  • Identifying the basic tech you’ll need to get started
  • Getting organized and establishing your daily ministry schedule/routine 
  • Exploring online marketing strategies

          And so much more...... 



"The Ultimate Online Ministry Planner"

  • Please Include:

    At checkout, please be sure to include your NAME and best EMAIL address for us to contact you if needed or to send product/correspondence to. 


    E-DeliveryFulfilled electronically by email


    Returns: Please note that all digital products are non-refundable.

    If you have any questions about terms, conditions or the refund policy visit:  

    Customer service emails will be answered within 48 hours (excluding weekends)

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