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It's Customer Appreciation Week!  #LetsCelebrate!

5th Anniversary Celebration  &  Customer Appreciation! #LetsCelebrate 

The Kingdom CEO Movement is excited to announce our 5 Year Brand Anniversary Celebration & Customer Appreciation!

Deal-A-Day Anniversary & Customer Appreciation Sale
Day 1 Sale Date: Friday 10-7-2022
Replay Classes: Digital Product Bundle

One of the quickest ways to 10x your  $$$$ is by creating  & offering digital products (such as eBooks, Journals, Devotionals, Online courses & Classes, Virtual Memberships, Bible Study Series, Etc.) that can easily be sold again & again for passive income. 

This 3 Class Bundle Includes.......

Class 1: Inspired! How to Write Inspirational Devotionals in 7 Easy Steps

Class 2: How To Create & Sell Journals

Class 3: Make Every Day Payday, Getting Started w/ Digital Products

Anniversary Customer Appreciation Sale: 3 for $50 (Save $100)

Sign up and start earning today!

Deal-A-Day Anniversary & Customer Appreciation Sale 
Day 2  Sale Date:  Sat
Class: Marketing To The Masses- 5 Week "Live" Marketing Mentorship   

If you are seriously ready to ENLARGE YOUR TERRITORY, STOP LEAVING MONEY ON THE TABLE, And get SERIOUS about getting in front of the RIGHT people at the RIGHT time this 5 Week LIVE MARKETING MENTORSHIP class series is for you!

Class 1 – Attracting The RIGHT People to Your Brand -

Class 2 – Building Your Email List of Engaged Subscribers

Class 3 – Social Media Impact

Class 4 – Building Your Community

Class 5 – Let’s Make Your Brand Visible

Bonus Class 6 - Creating An Easy Marketing Plan

Anniversary Customer Appreciation Sale: $599 (Save $299)

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Deal-A-Day Anniversary & Customer Appreciation Sale 
Day 3 Sale Date:  Sunday 10-9-22
The ABC's of Business - Kingdom Business Readiness From A-Z

The ABC's of Business - Kingdom Business Readiness From A-Z

If your brand is not making the money you need, then in order to go forward it's time to go back to the basics.


In this LIVE class, you will learn key strategies for building your brand the RIGHT way! We'll cover topics from A-Z, using letters of the alphabet as our guide. (See topics in image below!)

Anniversary Customer Appreciation Sale: $25.55  (Save $19)

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Deal-A-Day Anniversary & Customer Appreciation Sale 
Day 4 Sale Date:  Monday 10-10-22
LIVE CLASSES: Online Ministry Jump 2.0

In this LIVE class series, you will learn online ministry strategies to help you advance the kingdom, expand your ministry & earn a sustainable living while doing what you love!

Class 1: "The MVP (Make The Vision Plain) Matrix": identify your ministry's vision, mission, core values and goals


​Class 2: "The Nehemiah 2:17 Principle":  defining & understanding your target audience

​Class 3: "The Un-buried Talent":  plan & outline ministry digital products and service offers you can create and sell on repeat

​Class 4: "Develop Your Personal Ministry Brand": define & articulate your personal brand

​Class 5: "Marketing Your Ministry": strategies for virtually growing & expanding your ministry territory

#1. BONUS MASTERCLASS - " The Lead Magnet Solution:  "Intro to Canva" class to show you the simple solution for creating amazing lead magnets your audience will love

#2. BONUS-Equipped To Evangelize Checklist: list of basic ministry tech tools (& systems)

Anniversary Customer Appreciation Sale: $599 (Save $299)

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Deal-A-Day Anniversary & Customer Appreciation Sale 
Day 5 Sales Date:  Wed 10-12-22
Digital Product: Black Friday Planner (PDF)


The holiday shopping season is just around the corner: Start prepping your brand today w/ the Black Friday Marketing & Sales Playbook

Topics Covered:

-Identifying Who You Will Sell To

-Choosing Your Products/Services

-Pricing, Discounts & Creating Bundles

-Packaging, Shipping, & Order Fulfillment

-Creating Email Sequences

-Social Media Marketing Strategies

-Creating Sales Goals

-Choosing Tools & Systems

Anniversary Customer Appreciation Sale: Pay What You Want

(Minimum $9.99)

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