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There are people that need YOUR VOICE

There are people that need YOUR WISDOM & SKILLS

Simply put-- there are people that need YOUR MINISTRY (or business) and YOU are the one God has chosen to serve them!                       

(We’re not talking any people, but people who value self-investment and

will PAY YOU for your SERVICE, PRODUCT or even your POUR!)

So, if you are seriously ready to ENLARGE YOUR TERRITORY,


And GET SERIOUS about getting in front of the RIGHT people

Not only are you in the right place, but

Here’s your next steps……

Meet Me in the Marketing Mentorship..... 

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Dear People of Faith,  


This Is Not The Time To Shy Away From Marketing! 


Actually now is the time more than ever to get your brand in front of MORE people, however there are a few barriers you may need to overcome, such as......


1.    While you’re good at what you’re called to do, you don’t really understand marketing or how to do it effectively


2.    You don’t know how to move beyond sharing your flyers on social media (surely you’ve found out that likes & comments don’t buy, right?)



3.    Last and most common…. You’re afraid to tell people  

Far too often, we let the FEAR of how people will view hold us back….


We’re afraid people will reject us

We’re afraid of being seen as prideful or self-promoting

And yes, some of us are even afraid what we’ve created will be successful (i.e. people will accept us)



Wouldn't You Agree.....

You are  uniquely called & qualified to meet a specific need that you (and only you) are God ordained to do (yes?)

And instead of  being fearful, hiding or apologizing for it

You simply have to shift your mindset and actions, and focus on the big picture, and here is how you do it.....



Marketing  To The Masses 4 Week Marketing Mentorship for Marketplace & Ministry Leaders

Here’s What You'll Learn…..


     Class 1 – Attracting The RIGHT People to Your Brand - Learn how to PLAN CONTENT that will attract   the RIGHT PEOPLE who actually value what you do, and don’t mind paying


     Class 2 – Building an Email List of Engaged Subscribers -  Even with all of our technology, the fact that people are checking their email every day, several times a day--makes email marketing one of the MOST EFFECTIVE online marketing strategies there is!

 In this class you will learn how to grow an ENGAGED FOLLOWING, that will allow you to develop new relationships and market your product/services with ease  


     Class 3 – Getting Social - While social media is a great FREE marketing tool, you absolutely must be both FOCUSED & STRATEGIC for it to work effectively!

 In this class, you’ll choose the BEST strategies for SOCIAL MEDIA ENGAGEMENT, specifically designed to help your audience get to know & trust you, so they will be more likely to buy the amazing products/services you’ll be offering to them. 


     Class 4 – Building The Community -  The goal of “community building” is to develop relationships for the Long-Term with the very people who are GOD-ORDAINED to build alongside of you and help you grow your brand. 

In this class, you’ll discuss what you need to do to both ESTABLISH & DEVELOP relationships that will give you access to your ideal customers


#1 Bonus - Marketing Goals Setting Template - Goals set the direction for what needs to happen in order for your brand to do well in the marketplace.  This goal setting template will guide you in creating foundational marketing goals, so you will know exactly where you're headed, and resources you'll need to get you there.  

#2  Bonus – Let’s Get Visible – Here’s a quick FYI…. a GREAT MARKETING STRATEGY increases your reach, expands your credibility, and build up your reputation.   Follow the steps outlined in this template to INCREASE YOUR VISIBILITY as an expert in your market, and STAND OUT amongst competition, so you can finally shift into becoming the “go-to” person in your industry

#3 Bonus - Marketing Plan Template- Use this template to bring everything together and create a

 one of a kind, realistic, and low-cost marketing plan you can implement right away

Special Holiday Deal........

Sign Up Today for  only ($399.99 vs. $999)

$99.99 Down + 3 Weekly Installments

Questions?  Schedule an Info Session 


Is The #1 Way to 
-Make An Impact
-Have A Greater Influence & 
-Generate Additional Income

Let Us Show You How...

$99.99 Down & 3 Weekly Installments

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