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Get Ready To Walk In God's Call &
 Step Into Your
Next Level of Purpose!

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Walking Out Your Ministry Vision Is One of the MOST EMPOWERING Things You Can Do To

Honor God & The Call On Your Life


That's why I created the Ministry Jumpstart 2.0

10 Week Group Coaching Experience 


The 10 Week  Ministry Jumpstart 2.0

10 Week Group Coaching Experience will give you

the tools & resources you need to....

  • Advance The Kingdom

  • Expand Your Personal Ministry &

  • Earn a Sustainable Living While Doing What You Love

We've broken the course down into 8 modules with bite-sized lessons to take you step-by-step through the process of  immediately  shifting your ministry vision to the next level

Module 1: "The MVP (Make The Vision Plain) Matrix- In this module you will identify your ministry's vision, mission, core values and goals -  so you will  have clarity regarding the ministry direction, and what you most desire to achieve


 Module 2: "Mastering The BO (Bezalel & Oholiab) Anointing" -Learn how to identify your skills, gifts & talents to determine just how equipped you are for the calling, and what niche areas your expertise is most needed 

 Module 3: "The Nehemiah 2:17 Principle - Targeting" - You'll take a "deep dive" into defining & understanding your Kingdom Builders (target audience) so you'll know exactly who will be a part of your ministry community and what roles they will play.   You will also describe your ideal customer in depth so you're crystal clear on who your message is speaking to

Module 4: "Targeting Part II" -  Identify your ideal customer's key challenges and the language they use, so your wording resonates at a personal, emotional level. You will also describe your ideal customer & identify pain points (5 Interviews)

Module 5: "Messaging Part I"Clarify what makes you stand out from your competition, so that you can demonstrate why customers should buy from you

Module 6: "Messaging Part II" - Create a compelling marketing message that will motivate your ideal customer to take the next step


Module 7: "Messaging Part III" Customize your next message, based on your marketing priorities, so you continue to grow your customer base and sales

Module 8: "Ready For Abundance" -  Create your ministry budget- so you'll  have a jumpstart on your future ministry expenses, and solid plan for how you will price your ministry offers to both cover the expenses + the overflow 

Module 9: "Equipped To Evangelize"  - Identify the basic ministry tech tools (& systems)  you’ll need to in place prior to  getting started so you can create content that easily accessible to the people who follow your ministry

Module 10:  "Marketing Your Ministry" - Discover how to find the most effective strategies for moving  your ministry from where it's at now to where you want it to be, so you can be pro-active in growing your online ministry platform 







#1.  BONUS CLASS - Develop Your Personal Ministry Brand

At the end of  this bonus class you'll be able to define & articulate your personal brand in a way that attracts your kingdom builders and conveys an authentic image 


#2 BONUS CLASS - The Lead Magnet Solution - Have  you been procrastinating because either you don’t know what to create and what tools to use to get it done?  You can kiss that season goodbye.  We added this bonus "Intro to Canva" class to show you the simple solution for creating amazing lead magnets your audience will love

#3 BONUS - How Does 2 Bonus Q&A Coaching Sessions Sound To You?  That's exactly what you'll get in the Online Ministry Jumpstart , "Ask Alecia Anything" coaching sessions--specifically designed to bring clarity and strategically guide your next steps  

At The End of the Ministry Jumpstart 2.0 

10 Week Group Coaching Experience,

You'll Be Able To .....



*Have absolute clarity on the direction you want your

ministry to move toward

*Know where to put your skills, gifts and talents to work as you gain the followers that need you the most 

*Master strategies and refine your authentic personal brand to attract kingdom builders who will help you further your message


*Understand how to create product offers and market your

ministry to grow your platform, spread your message & 

create a sustainable income


Listen, it’s past time you take the "leap of faith"

into your next level of ministry


Let me show you how to do it--the right way!


Class Start  Week of 6-13-22 


Click HERE To Schedule A Call & Save Your Spot In The "Ministry Jumpstart 2.0

10 Week Group Coaching Experience"  Today!




Online Ministry Jumpstart2.png
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