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      Kingdom CEO Movement         1 Year Mentorship Program Overview

***Here's What You Will Learn......

I. JumpStart Your Online Ministry 10 Week Group Coaching Program

Module 1: "The MVP (Make The Vision Plain) Matrix" - In this module you will identify your ministry's vision, mission, core values and goals -  so you will  have clarity regarding the ministry direction, and what you most desire to achieve


 Module 2: "Mastering The BO (Bezalel & Oholiab) Anointing" -Learn how to identify your skills, gifts & talents to determine just how equipped you are for the calling, and what niche areas your expertise is most needed 

 Module 3: "The Nehemiah 2:17 Principle"  You'll take a "deep dive" into defining & understanding your Kingdom Builders (target audience) so you'll know exactly who

will be a part of your ministry community and what roles

they will play

Module 4: "The Unburied Talent" - Use your gifts & talents to plan & outline ministry product/service offers so you can help your followers and create a sustainable income  

Module 5: "Ready For Abundance" -  Create your ministry budget- so you'll  have a jumpstart on your future ministry expenses, and solid plan for how you will price your ministry offers to both cover the expenses + the overflow 

Module 6: "Equipped To Evangelize"  - Identify the basic ministry tech tools (& systems)  you’ll need to in place prior to  getting started so you can create content that easily assessable to the people who follow your ministry

Module 7:  "Proverbs 13:4 Organized & "Richly Supplied" -  Learn how to establish a consistent schedule to ensure the work of building the ministry vision continues to get done (even if the laborers are few)

Module 8:  "Marketing Your Ministry" - Discover how to find the most effective strategies for moving  your ministry from where it's at now to where you want it to be, so you can be pro-active in growing your online ministry platform 


#1.  BONUS CLASS - Develop Your Personal Ministry Brand - At the end of this bonus class you'll be able to define & articulate your personal brand in a way that attracts your kingdom builders and conveys an authentic image 


#2 BONUS CLASS - The Lead Magnet Solution - Have you been procrastinating because either you don’t know what to create and what tools to use to get it done?  You can kiss that season goodbye.  We added this bonus "Intro to Canva" class to show you the simple solution for creating amazing lead magnets your audience will love

#3 BONUS - How Does 2 Bonus Q&A Coaching Sessions Sound To You?  That's exactly what you'll get in the Online Ministry Jumpstart , "Ask Alecia Anything" coaching sessions--specifically designed to bring clarity and strategically guide your next steps  



II. Positioned To Prosper With Digital Products

Module 0: Orientation & Introduction

Module 1: Defining Your Ministry Marketplace – Create a profile of the kingdom builders most likely to purchase your ministry digital products

Module 2: Ministry Content Inventory – Take a deep dive into your personal ministry knowledge/expertise and your existing ministry content, so you will know what #1 problem your ministry digital product will solve. (Remember- you and & your

products are the solution)

Module 3: Ministry Product Construction – Choose and outline your ministry digital product that will help your audience improve or achieve a goal by quickly accomplishing a task, learning a skill or implementing a process

Module 4: Prosper w/Print Products – Ministry EBook Part 1

Module 5: Prosper w/Print Products – Ministry EBook Part 2

Module 6: Prosper w/Print Products – Journals & Devotionals

Module 7: Delivering Your Ministry Digital Product Part I – Unlocking Your Opt-In Page & Why You Need One, What To Say On Your Thank You Page, What FREEBIE Can You Offer?

Module 8: Delivering Your Ministry Digital Product Part II -How To Email Your Way To Sales (Includes: Confirmation, Follow Up & Count Down Emails), Bring The Noise - How To Get Your Audience Ready

Module 9: Bonus #1 - Video Victory: 3x your ministry digital product creation w/ my system for easy video editing & transcribing audio from your video recordings

Module 10 & 11 Bonus #3 - Heavenly Designs w/ Canva: Walkthrough the Canva Dashboard (Templates & Elements), + How to Create: eBooks, Worksheets, Journals, Affirmation Cards, Devotionals, and Social Media Posts

Bonus: As an added bonus you will get 2 Breakthrough 1:1 Sessions with Coach Alecia





III. Create Your Kingdom Brand

(More Class Details Coming Soon)

Module 0: Introduction & Orientation

Module 1 – Why Do You Need a Personal Ministry Brand?  

Module 2 - Clarify Your Vision for Your Personal Ministry Brand

Module 3 - Define Your Personal Ministry Core Values 

Module 4 – Create Your Personal Ministry Brand Message


Module 5 – Develop The Visual Style For Your Personal Ministry Brand 

Module 6 - Refine The Brand Communication Style For Your

Personal Ministry Brand 

Module 7 – Select The Right Communication Channels For Your Personal Ministry Brand

Module 8 – Build Your Personal Ministry Brand Using Social Media

Module 9 – Managing Your Personal Ministry Brand Online & Offline

Module 10 – Establish a Network For Your Personal Ministry Brand




IV. Market Your Ministry

(More Class Details Coming Soon)


Module 1: Why Your Ministry Needs a Marketing Plan

Module 2: Researching Your Ministry Marketplace

Module 3: Ministry Description & Assessment

Module 4: Establishing Ministry Marketing Goals & How to Track Results

Module 5: Understand the 4 P's of Marketing Your Ministry (Product, Price, Place & Promotion)


Module 6: Creating Your Ministry Marketing Budget

Module 7: Identifying Ministry Marketing Strategies

Module 8: Finalize Your Ministry Marketing Calendar







V. Create Your Ministry Group Coaching Program


Module 0 : Introduction & Orientation

Module 1: Determine how establishing a ministry group coaching program will benefit both you and your ministry, while also developing clear ministry goals for your group coaching program

Module 2: Identify exactly who will be your ministry’s target audience for your coaching program, what are your main challenges and how will you use your expertise to help solve your problem

Module 3: Choose a theme for your coaching program that will help your followers overcome challenges.  You will also identify what outcomes, benefits, and topics that you need to cover in your program in order to bring to your audience to resolution


Module 4: Create a catchy title for your ministry group coaching program that will grab your followers’ attention and encourage them to sign up for your program


Module 5: Learn how to plan and structure the most commonly used elements of instruction (such as action-based homework, self-study, live coaching sessions, and group discussions), that will yield your ministry group coaching program most profitable return


Module 6: Learn how to implement key coaching strategies, how to create content, supporting materials you will need in order to run a successful ministry group coaching program where you’ll also learn ministry coaching strategies that will build trust, and create an environment where your followers will feel safe, supported, and motivated.  (You’ll also learn how to best deal with typical problems that may arise in your ministry group coaching program)


Module 7: Set up the basic behind the scenes marketing tools & systems you will need in order to effectively market & sell your ministry group coaching program   


Module 8: Create an enticing sales page + finalize any remaining details needed to complete your ministry group coaching program page






VI. Create Your Online Class/Course


Module 0 – (Introduction) Learn The Benefits of Creating Online Classes & Courses: Explore the benefits of online classes & courses and what makes them so profitable; this foundational information is important so you’ll get a clear understanding of how the online course industry works.

Module 1 - Choose Your Ministry Class/Course Topic: Learn a variety of ways to research your ministry market and get to know what challenges the people in your audience are struggling with. As a result, you’ll be able to use this same information choose your class/course topic, as well as the solution you’ll offer your clients

Module 2 - Outline & Determine Your Ministry Class/Course Design: Learn how to outline & design your ministry class/course. You will also develop learning objectives and discover what media format works best for your audience

Module 3 - Create Engaging Ministry Content: Learn how to actually create and present your ministry content in a way that makes your online class interesting and engaging, so the students that enroll in your class/course will be motivated to finish the class strong


Module 4 - Plan and Prepare How You Will Deliver Your Ministry Class/Course: Learn how to choose the right online ministry delivery platform, as well as

options for collecting payments so you can set your price, get your classes/courses scheduled, and ready for delivery

Module 5 - Run an Engaging, Online Ministry Class/Course That’s Focused on Results: Learn the “best practices” from the coaching industry that you’ll need to make sure your class/course is a huge success that delivers on its promises.

As a result the students enrolled in your class/course will be interactive, get greater insights, relate directly to the ministry content, get the most out of your instruction, and actually implement what they have  learned


VII Create Your Kingdom Membership Program (TBA)

VIII Build Your Followers & Create Your Kingdom Community (TBA)

Mentorship Summary


All My Quarterly Courses

-JumpStart Your Ministry

-Positioned To Prosper w/Digital Products

-Create Your Kingdom Brand

-Market Your Ministry

**Includes 2 Private 1:1Coaching Sessions 

(Will Meet 1x's a Week Sessions)



Exclusive Mentorship Group Coaching Sessions  

-Set Your Group Coaching Program

-How To Create Your Next Course

-How To Create Your Community

Monthly 1:1 Private Coaching Sessions (private) 

(Meet 1x's a Week Group Coaching) 



Includes Admission to all of the

-Boot Camps






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