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 Paid Offer Outline: Intro to Monetize Your Ministry (Taken from my Signature System) 

My Info:  Alecia N. Johnson, Income strategist & digital Product Expert.  I help Christian women in leadership, package their gifts talents and expertise into a signature product /service offer they can sell to create additional income streams.


Delivery:  Online


How long (unsure this is a beta, I'm thinking 6weeks?? (**designed to be a quick(er)win- ti's taken from m from my signature system, which is longer 3 months

Format: Small Group Coaching

(I was thinking to position it for Covid-19 Relief)  **$497 would be the regular price or 

 I could also do a $247 price w/ payment plan

***I was thinking I would do a webinar to lead up to this offer??

Part I Pain-points & Solutions I based my offer on  & Part II is the Modules in the offer

Intro to Monetize your Ministry.jpg

Part II (Modules)

Module 1 –Online Ministry That Move Mountains:  There are many benefits to monetizing your ministry online, but it’s not for everyone.  In this module, you’ll set your ministry up for success by getting crystal clear who your ministry is for, the unique value it brings and how to set goals for continued growth. As a result, your ministry will attract the right people, because you’ll know who you’re talking to and how to address their needs


Module 2 – 21st Century Online Ministry Model:  If online ministry is right for you, you'll need to find a consistent way to monetize it (earn an income). In Module 2, you'll decide on your business model, and determine what products and services you will offer, and define how you will start earning income (long and short-term).  As a result, you’ll have the direction on what to do right now and what you’ll be working towards in the future.

Module 3 – Finances– Mastering the Business of Online Ministry:  If you have an online ministry that sells products/services, then you’ll need to develop a process for handling online ministry finances.  In Module 3, you'll learn how to set a financial goal, create an operating budget and choose an online payment processor.  As a result, you’ll know how much have money you’ll need to make in order to cover your expenses, and you’ll also have a system in place to access the payments you’ll receive.

Module 4 – Taming The Tech:  Anyone who does ministry online will need to have some online systems in place, but trust me, it does not have to be complicated.  So in Module 4, you’ll identify what specific online systems you need for your ministry, so you can eliminate the fear and overwhelm the often prevents the “not so tech-savvy” from getting started.

Module 5 – Jumpstart Your Marketing Plan:  Creating income streams from your online ministry means you’re going to have to attract people who not only want to hear your message, for they also feel a connection and desire a little more up-close interaction with you. And if you want to find those people; you’re going to have to do a lot more than just making random social media post. In Module 5, we’ll explore easy digital marketing strategies so you’ll come out the gate with a marketing game plan you can use to announce your online ministry to the world, while yet attracting the right customer/clients who are willing to pay for your products/services.

 Module 6 – “Smarter Not Harder” Getting Organized for Maximum Productivity    One of the biggest challenges you’ll face with online ministry is getting it organized. In Module 5, you'll learn how to establish a daily routine, so you can maximize productivity and avoid some of the most common organizational pitfalls.


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