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 Turn Your


Into Reality.


 How Often Do You Feel Like........

God put a vision deep down in your soul, and you have no idea what to do next?

-You a new or aspiring entrepreneur ready to share your passion with the world?

-You're an author, speaker, teacher or coach who needs to tell your story?

-Maybe you’re a beginning entrepreneur struggling with earning income,

finding clients and gaining visibility?

Well, It’s time for a NEW DIRECTION!

Draft II Biz + Faith Logo_edited.jpg

An 8 Week Step-By-Step Curriculum for

New (or Aspiring) Entrepreneurs in the

Early Stages of Business 

There are a lot of moving parts in online business.

This program is designed to help you break down the steps

so you can build and grow you business from the ground up. 








Imagine Gaining.....

*Clarity on how to transition your business from hobby/idea to earning money 

*Understanding of who you are as a business & how to develop your personal brand

*Knowledge of who your ideal audience is, and where to find them

*Confidence in using social media to get new followers and gain a following

*Success strategies for business mindset development



  • Business Idea Validation & Marketing Research

  •   Goal Setting for your Business & Personal Life

  • Clarity on Your Vision​       

  • Setting up Systems That Sell

  • Identifying Your Target Market & Ideal Client 

  • Product & Service Offerings​ 

  • Stand Out Branding & Social Media Marketing 

  • Mindset Strategies​    

  • Website Planning

  •  Serving & Selling

  • Getting Started with Email List Building​ 

  • Clarity on Your Vision​       

In The Academy You'll Learn....










*******Each week, you’ll receive downloadable content, lessons, tools,

assignments, and inspiration to help you jump-start your success.

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Build Your Business Step-By-Step Using  My

 3 Part C- Blueprint Method


PART 1  THE FOUNDATION (Intro + Module 0)


·   Doing Business God's Way


·   Equipped with Vision & on a Mission

·  The Battleground of the "Mindset"

·  What is the P7 Approach to Launching Your Business & Getting Paid


·  Time Management, Availability & Atmosphere


·  Will My Business Idea Work? 1.1 & 1.2


·  The Purpose Driven Business-Why on Earth Are You Going Into Business?


PART II -  7 PILLARS OF SUCCESS  (Modules 1-7)


Module 1 -  Your People  


·  Target Audience &  Ideal Client Profile


·  Market Trends & Industry Overview



Module 2 -  Plan Your Brand Identity


·  Business Statements:  Core Values, Mission & Vision


·  Branding & Making Brand Connections


·  Brand Colors, Fonts & Images + The 4 Word Brand Description


· The 60 Second Brand Story (Describe What Your Biz. Does)


 Module 3:  Products Pricing & Packaging 


·   4 Product Models


·   Multiple Income Stream Matrix


·  Product Analysis Questionnaire (Determine which products/services  to sell)


· Product Validation



Module 4:  Prosperity "Money" Talk & Sales Walk 


·  Capital: Income Goals

     -Sources of Beginning Capital

​​·  Expenses: Beginning &Reoccurring

·  Tax Plan Prep:  Income Statements



Module 5: Get Online Platforms


· Advertising Channels & Ad Copy

· Online Advertising Overview






· Choosing the Right Social Media Platform

     -Social Media Bio Statements


·  Content -  Connections & Engagement



Module 6 Presentation -  The Sales Walk 


· Starting An Email List:

      -Freebie & Opt-in Form

      -Email Planning Worksheet


· Sales Channels:

     -Sales Forecasting

     -Presenting Products

    -Sales Scripts


· Website:

     -Sales Page vs. Website

     -Domain Name & Web Host

     -Setting Up Your Site/Page

     -3 Must Have Web Pages


· Sales Funnels:

      -Sales Sequence & Tech Tools



Module 7:

Processes, Systems & Wrap Up

· Production Process:

       -Vendors & Suppliers

       -Invoicing & Order Fulfillment​


·  Operating Systems:

     -Hours of Operations



-Legal Structures  Video  + Action Steps Time Line

-Structure Business Goals (Create 1-2 Business Goals + Action Plan)

     -Online Business Tools

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