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I’m Alecia, and I founded BizChat Unlimited to walk beginning business owners through the steps of starting an online business, and developing their brand identity.  I am a long term educator by trade and by calling, and I'm on a mission to educate, encourage and empower the world.  



Some little girls wanted to be a nurse, others wanted to work in a bank, but guess

what this little girl wanted to be?  Yup, you guessed it--a teacher!   

 No freeze tag at my house-we played school, and I was ALWAYS, the teacher!


Well the little girl is all grown up, and I am still the teacher!

(I even got a shiny  little state credential to make it official) 

Why not check out my upcoming Business Academy program: 

"The Business & Branding Breakthrough Boot Camp" Where I teach new and aspiring business owners to  Build Brand & Grow Their  Online Business in 60 Days.  This comprehensive curriculum has 8 modules , and that takes new and aspiring beginning business owners step by step through the process  of  designing and launching their very own profitable online business - click here for additional information:



I view empowerment as helping women learn/obtain skills and resources that will contribute to their intellectual, financial  and personal level of fulfillment.   Motivation and accountability are important factors as well.  In short, I love helping women find the "S "on their chest ( i.e. superpowers). 

I'm also a firm believer that when we know better, we do better, and it's my desire to see all

                                   business owners, at their best!                            



Encourage:  en·cour·age  /inˈkərij/:  to give advice or hope to (someone) so that they will do or continue to do something.   I believe everyone needs a little encouragement, especially those of us that own a business.  As I'm sure you know, when you own a small business--basically you are the business! 

With all the roles and hats you are forced to wear, it's good to have a place where you

can connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and read business resources that will feed your "entrepreneurial  soul".   Head on over to my blog and check out some of the excellent tips and resources that I'm sure will benefit your business.  


 Cool Stuff About Me…..

**I’m a native of “The Roller Coaster Capital of the World”

***Fav. Food:  Chocolate Birthday Cake 

***Mom to one AMAZING kid (college age kid)

-Stirs My Soul:  laughter, quality time w/ friends/fam, coffee, music & my son (of course)

-Way Back When: I accepted Jesus Christ became my personal savior  

Top  5 Favs: colors  pink/purple, plays, museums,  fresh flowers & all things pretty!

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