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  • Sep 22, 2020, 8:00 PM EDT – Sep 26, 2020, 8:45 PM EDT
    online event
    Are you looking to attract a much larger audience? Imagine having thousands of followers who feel personally connected to you, trust the knowlege you drop & cannot wait to purchase your latest products? It happens when you make the decision to consistiently tap into the power of live streaming!


5-Live Streaming Challenge  

Begins 10/1/20



Daily Q & A 

You'll have a daily designated time to check-in via the private group


This will be your time to share your numbers, ask me questions & and set new goals for the next day .


Go-Live Workbook

The Go-LiveWorkbook is designed to help you plan, set goals, and stay on track.


**I've also included a list of topics + a few other surprises (Butttt, you gotta show up to find out)!  

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Facebook Group Access 

 Join our private Facebook Community, so you can take FULL advantage of the challenge.

Here you can share links to your live videos, ask questions & share your wins with a community of like-minded individuals

During the Free "Go Live & Thrive in Five " Challenge you will learn.....


Day 1: Understanding the power of the video

Day 2: How to get over common fears often associated with going live

Day 3: Using live video to attract your dream customers

Day 4:  Using live video to build community & connections w/ your audience

Day: 5 How to monetize your live videos for increased sales and a consistent cash flow

At the end of the 5 Day Challenge, you'll be able to....

-Overcome the fear and perfectionism associated with live streaming so you can confidently show up on camera


-Grow your online community by reaching more of your ideal audience 

-Authentically connect w/ your audience by building the know-like & trust factor

-Use video marketing to make major money by selling your products & services

Hi, I'm Alecia Nichole, Your Income Strategist & Video Live Streaming Expert.....

Did you know that live videos are shown more frequently and viewed 3 three times longer than your printed post? 

As one of the leading tools of engagement....


 video live streaming offers  your audience unlimited  opportunities for engaging with your brand

While at the same time, allowing you  to make connections by personally engaging with your audience 

If you are not using live video in your business, then you are leaving some serious cash on the table!


Join the Go Live  & Thrive in Five"  Challenge today!

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