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The Ultimate Online Ministry Planner

Do You Know That Where God Gives VISION, He Also Gives PROVISION?

Listen, feel in my spirit, there are thousands of women out there, that are called by God to step out on faith and finally start the ministry God has placed on your heart !


I have to be honest with you, there is simply no more time for excuses!


We are in a time and place where the world is hurting, crying out, and in need of answers/solutions


Just where do you think their solutions lie?


Sis, you have them locked up in your mouth!


The entire world is waiting to hear.....


  • YOUR Voice

  • Your Experiences

  • Your Testimonies

  • Your Mistakes

  • Your Trials

  • Your Breakthroughs &

  • Your Triumphs

I know that many of you have been feeling the Lord whispering to you "now's the time", but there's one problem--you don't know where to start


Maybe you've started the ministry already, but you're not quite sure how to get it off the ground.


Well consider this an answer to a prayer, Sis, I got you....



I am so excited to announce that my latest eBook "The Ultimate Online Ministry Planner" has officially launched. 

You will  finally be able to ditch the feelings of overwhelm and get over fear as the

"Ultimate Online Ministry Planner "  will teach you step-by-step how to  ​.....

  • Identify Ministry Goals  - so you can determine if starting a ministry is the right move for you in this season


  • Choose An Online Ministry Model to Follow


  • Determine Strategies For  “Next-Level Ministry”  - by creating products and services that will not only help your followers but will also create a sustainable income for you and the ministry​​

  • Create A Ministry Budget/Select A Payment Processor - so you have a system in place to access any payments/donations you will receive, while also determining how much money you’ll need to cover your costs


  • Identify The Basic Tech You’ll Need To Get Started


  • Get Organized & EstablishYour Daily Ministry Schedules & Routines  -  (FYI- you can’t do ministry whenever it’s convenient, you’re going to have to breathe life into this baby daily  if you want it to flourish)


  • Explore Online Marketing Strategies -  finding the most effective ones for your ministry, so you can finally start growing your online ministry platform

You Don't Want To Miss What God Has In Store For You!




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