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Think You Have The Juice?  4 Signs You Have What it Takes to be an Entrepreneur

Just a few short weeks ago, countless people included the following on their New Year’s Resolution:

#1 (or whatever number), finally get the business off the ground.

On January 2, some took off running, quickly mapping the necessary action plans to get their resolutions in motion. While others settled into their annual routine of “Tomorrow’s the day, I Swear I’ll start tomorrow!" And of course there’s —“Umm where did I put that list again? “

Either way, I’m sure you’ve discovered it takes just a bit more than an idea, pen and paper to get the entrepreneurial ball rolling. Even if you’re one of those fast starters, I’m sure you come to realize there are a few challenges along the way: time, money, learning curve, shiny objects, time again etc. Though it’s enough to make you want to pull your hair out (sometimes), I want to encourage you to hang in there!

Starting a business is a process--a not-so-overnight process. So if you’re still hanging in there, and have your plans in motion take a bow and celebrate this WIN! Why celebrate? Many people do not get any further than their idea. While others start, but their business fails to get off the ground. Truth be told, not everyone has it in them to take their dream from the idea stage to the income stage. So just what does it take to make it as an entrepreneur?

1. Resilience: Somewhere in your journey you will make bad decisions, choose unwisely, not follow hunches and miss opportunities. Some of these—let me correct myself—most of these will affect your bank account. Entrepreneurs with a resilient attitude understand that mistakes are part of learning curve, and a part of life. They have the inner strength to move past their challenges, and celebrate the small success along the way. My suggestion, see your setbacks at new opportunities.

2. Ya Gotta Love it: Remember doing chores as a kid? While I highly doubt many of us were in love with our chore list, there were some that were tolerable, while others we simply dreaded. When it came to chores we dreaded (mine was doing dishes), nothing-not even the thought of an allowance could make us want get it done. Well, it’s kinda the same way with a business you don’t really enjoy. People start businesses for many reasons—money potential, recruited by a partner, it’s appears easy etc. Whatever your reason, if you’re not passionate about what you’re doing, you won’t stay with it. Ask yourself, “Why am I starting this business?” Most successful entrepreneurs have an overall desire to make things better for others. If your answer involves using your skill or products to add value to the life of others—I think you’ll fit in quite nicely with us entrepreneurs.

3. The Learning Curve: I mentioned this before, there’s a learning curve to business. Even if you were a manager or hobbyist in your area of expertise, you’re still going to have to learn the “new” ropes that come with entrepreneurship. Make that continuously learn the “new” ropes. Things are always changing and updating in our digital world. As an entrepreneur, not only must you stay on top of market trends, but you must stay ahead.

4. Time After Time: During the early stages of business, I received the following words of wisdom from a veteran business owner, “You’ll work harder for yourself than you ever worked for anyone”. Running a new business can take up quite a bit of time. There is always a forever “todo” list, with very limited number of “doers” to get the list complete. And of course as we make decisions regarding launch dates, etc. everything has to be done YESTERDAY! My suggestion: early on create systems and processes that will allow you to maximize your productivity during specified hours, and designate 2-3 days a week to working extended days. Trust me; you’ll thank yourself for it later.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Motivation

  • Creativity.

  • Persuasiveness. ...

  • Vision. ...

  • Versatility. ...

  • Risk tolerance. ...

  • Flexibility. ...

  • Decisiveness.

  • Risk Taking. ...

  • Self-belief

  • Dedicated

  • Hard worker

  • Disciplined

  • Adaptability

  • Flexibility. ...

  • Understand Your Offering – And Its Market. ...

  • Money Management. ...

  • Planning

  • Networking Abilities

Did I miss a few? What features do you feel are necessary for business startup?

Next topic: What’s stopping you, from starting?

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