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Livestreaming With A Purpose: 5 Strategies For Getting More Leads & Conversions From Your Livest

By now, we all know that livestreaming is one of the best ways to promote both your business and your ministry.

With most of the world being online these days, it’s very likely that most of you have built an audience that doesn’t mind tuning in to your lives with the intent of soaking up all the knowledge you’re known for dropping.

This is a good thing…..

However, it really is unfortunate for you to put all that energy into livestreaming, without also converting anyone in your audience into leads customers or followers.

While you have them there paying attention, it’s especially important for you to not only connect w/ your audience, but you need to get them to take some type of action so you can remain in contact with them.

Let’s take a look at 5 different strategies for getting viewer contact information so you can ultimately increase the number leads & conversions you’ll receive from your livestreams.

That None Shall Fall By the Wayside

Did you know that a good portion of your livestream audience is not made up of permanent followers, but they’re either new to you or just pausing as they are scrolling by?

Since they haven’t given you any contact info (i.e. an email address), when the live is over, they’ll likely disappear.

Believe it or not, your livestream has the potential of actually starting an online relationship, therefore it’s really important for you to capture their information so you can keep on building it.

Strategy #1 Promote Your Lead Magnet

One way to get viewer contact information during livestreams is by giving a CTA (call to action) for your lead magnet. In case you did not know, the lead magnet is a freebie that your audience can download once they’ve signed up for it (giving their name and email address). You should also:

a. make sure your lead magnet is something related to the livestream topic so people will be interested

b. consistently emphasize both the benefits of your lead magnet, while also noting that it’s a free download that will help them

After they’ve downloaded it through email, you’ll then have the opportunity to not only continue nurturing the relationship, but also to market and eventually convert them into a paying customer.

Strategy #2 Create A Virtual Space

You have the option of creating an online group and getting your audience to join. It could be an online forum through your website, a membership site, Facebook group, or any other place online where they can talk to each other and further discuss the topic at hand.

Remember to do the following

  1. explain what they’ll get out of the group by joining

  2. offer incentives (ex. discounts, bonus freebie) to increase the number of people who join

Strategy #3 Expand Your Territory

I would also suggest asking your audience to follow you across social media outlets. Throughout the livestream, be mindful to type your other profiles on the screen so people can connect with you there as well.

For example, if you’re doing a Facebook Live, drop how your audience can also follow you on Instagram, Twitter, or even LinkedIn.

If they are connecting with what you are saying, it’s very likely they’ll immediately find your page and begin to follow you (but you have to ask).

Strategy #4 Sound The Trumpet w/ a CTA

I briefly mentioned the CTA at the beginning of the article, so I wanted take some time and dive a little deeper into this one.

The secret to getting your audience to become permanent followers is to include calls-to-action during your live stream broadcast.

It’s a lot more effective if you’re able to mention throughout your livestream the benefits people will receive by connecting with you, and give people the link to do it.

The key is for you to make this as easy as possible, making sure give to wrap up your live by giving a strong final call-to-action.

Strategy #5 Not Just Any Gem; Drop Rubies

Let me ask you a question....

What sets a ruby apart from other gems such as a tourmaline?

You guessed it—it’s value!

Now let me ask you another question, what sets you apart from all the other online influencers?

Your answer should be the “value” you provide to your audience.

Whether you can turn the potential leads that are participating in your livestream into paying customers depends entirely on the value that you offer during your livestream.

A couple more points a we wrap up…

  1. Make sure you have a good topic that’s highly relevant to your audience (which should mostly consist of your target market)—but that’s another subject.

  2. Be intentional about promoting your upcoming livestream ahead of time

  3. Finally, make your livestream as interactive and engaging as possible, so your audience will actually want to hear more from you

Peace & Blessings to You!


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