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Brand Authenticity: The Heart & Passion Behind BizChat Unlimited

Brand Authenticity: The Heart & Passion Behind BizChat Unlimited

Picture it…..your girl (that’s me), I’m the midst of a phone pitch for an upcoming program, and you know--pretty much going with my normal flow.

Suddenly, I notice my voice quivering as I unintentionally deviated into an in-depth description of my personal heart and passion behind my business.

As we chatted, I realized how little of my heart and passion for my business I have actually shared with you (my loving blog readers), and I think it darn well time we change that!

So I introduce to some, and present to others: The Heart & Passion Behind BizChat Unlimited Online Business Academy.

Business is Ministry: Yes I have my own business, but I also have a ministry mission, and although technically separate, personally the two of them are really one.

As much as I wrestled with God about separating them, I came to the resolve that I simply could not, as there is nothing about this operation that is not rooted in my own personal faith and values.

Heart & Passion: In The Beginning: As I’m sure you all are aware of by now, I am also a licensed school teacher.

It was during my earlier years of teaching when I began picking up a such a burden for the students I was encountering.

You see, many of them had so much dysfunction in their personal lives, that it inevitably spilled over into the walls of the classroom.

While many of their recounts of their home life frequently left me in disbelief—moments of clarity consistently arose as I began to get acquainted with more of their families.

Sadly, I soon discovered many of the children were simple reflections of the mindsets, moods, atmosphere and attitudes they experienced at home.

Hello Youth Ministry: After repeated rough school days, and several sleepless nights, I took my concerns to God in prayer.

During this period of awaiting direction, I just so happen to sign up for a community workshop (and later the course) “Bridges out of Poverty”.

Well, it did not take long for me to make a connection between the effects poverty and what I was witnessing in schools and local communities.

The Epiphany: Then, one morning I had an epiphany.

I could make an impact and be a part of the solution by creating a youth ministry—but not your traditional model where the focus is on the children—Nope, I needed to flip the script a bit.

I would service the youth, by helping their primary caretakers (the mom) elevate their mindset and develop economic independence.

My thought was, if I could help the momma’s shift from the effects of poverty such as “survival mode & living paycheck to paycheck”, into a place of “thriving” both personally & professionally—then the overall lifestyle of their children would improve.

And of course, I had absolutely no idea how little ole me was going to achieve this.

Fast Forward: With 3 prior businesses, much prayer, dream in heart and several trips to the drawing board under my belt, I finally presented to the world BizChat Unlimited Online Business Academy – (where I use my teaching gift to help new/aspiring business launch their own business).

You see, BizChat Unlimited Online Business Academy is much more than teaching & helping other businesses....

My heart is for client transformation and the results they will receive; which will in turn positively impact their families and communities.

So no, you will not find “help the children" in any of my business statements, but I can authentically say, it is the driving force behind my personal passion (and it’s my personal reason WHY)!

Tell me, what's the WHY behind your mission? What does it personally mean to you?

Until Next Time,



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