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What's Your Entrepreneur Level: Passionate or Passio?

Ode to Flo

I’m hoping I am not the only one out here in cyberspace who actually likes commercials. (Oh what a relief, like who wants to be the only commercial geek out here??)

Ok, so one of my favs is Progressive’s latest Flo commercial.

You know the one where she visits her sister who’s in the middle of the majorly passive work out. So Flo says some Progressive stuff to her, and the commercial ends with the sister (does she even have a name?) tapping on her phone—dryly saying “Leave me alone, you’re running my workout—cycling is my passion”.

One reason like this commercial is because it reminds me of my own enthusiasm (or lack of) for exercise. Like the sister, my mouth may say it, but clearly my body language says something different! When it comes to exercise, I’m passionate about the result, but not so much about the process (pray ya’ll).

While this account may have a slight undertone of entertainment, it does in fact have a moral. The sister's last words “… my passion”.

OK folks, let’s turn this corner and chat a bit about "is my passion"--well actually just passion.....

Historically Speaking-

The definition we commonly assign to passion today (a strong enthusiasm or desire for)—doesn’t look quite like its origin.

Passion originated from the Latin word “passio” which means to suffer.

Jesus Christ is our example of passion, as he was one who suffered for what he loved (i.e. us).

So now, fellow business owners, I propose a question to you.

What's Your Definition?

I'm sure you're passionate about your business, but which definition of passion do you have for your business?

Is it passion (modern definition): You have a strong enthusiasm or desire for your business?


Is it Passio (original definition): You are willing to suffer for your business-- because of your love for it?

Shall I go deeper? I think I shall!

In the beginning, I believe most of us start with the modern definition of passion—we are quite enthusiastic and have an almost endless desire to “make it”.

Well, somewhere in those first couple of years, the modern definition of passion takes has a tendency to fizzle out.

At least until you get the hang of it (and sometimes even afterward)—your new business experiences seasons of feast or famine. Depending on how long the seasons, and how “famished” you become-can help determines just where your “passion” lies.

It is during seasons of famine, that Passio kicks in!

Passio is your willingness to suffer (experience unpleasant) for.............................


-for your vision

-for the business you’ve prayed and dreamed about!

-Passion for your business will definitely get you out the starting gate.

-Passion for you business will even carry you down the road.

But it’s the Passio - that will push you across the finish line of success!

In closing, I encourage you to go forth my fellow entrepreneurs, in the spirit of Passio!

I am excited for you, and the good things God has in store for you.



P.S. You got this#BornForSuchaTimeasThis#passiorocks

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