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The YOU in EntrepreneUr: You are the CEO of You-first!

I Think I Can, I Think I Can…Sure- I- Can? ….Right??

Just a few short months ago, at the brink of the new year--countless aspiring entrepreneurs included the following on their New Year’s Resolution:

#1 (or whatever number), finally get the business off the ground!

So, come January 2, some took off running, quickly mapping the necessary action plans to get their resolutions in motion.

While others have began their annual routine of “tomorrow’s the day, I swear I’ll start tomorrow!"

And of course there’s those who fell right into their pattern of —“umm, where did I put that list again? “

Whatever route you took, like those that made resolutions, I’m sure you’ve discovered it takes just a bit more than an idea, pen and paper to get the entrepreneurial ball rolling.

Even if you’re one of those fast starters, I’m sure you come to realize there are a few challenges along the way: time, money, learning curve, shiny objects (things you just must have--but can't afford...-sigh!)

Though it’s enough to make you want to pull your hair out (sometimes), I want to encourage you to stay with it! Even it you've fell off the wagon--get on back up!

Keep in mind, starting a business is a process, a not-so-overnight kind of process. If you one who is still hanging in and plugging away at it, please take a bow and find a way to celebrate this WIN!

Why celebrate? because you've gotten further than 50% of the people who started in the same place as you!

Many people do not get any further than their idea. While others were willing to start the ball rolling, but singing a new tune of defeat by February. Honestly, not everyone has it in them to take their dream from the idea stage to the income stage.

Have you ever heard that 80% of entrepreneurship takes place between your 2 ears? Well the saying is correct-. You are your business, and much of its implementation takes place in your mind- (also referred to as an entrepreneurial mindset.) If your mind is not focused, rested and managed- you will not be able to take your business to a place of success.

In case you are curious--this mindset does include your thought life, and it also includes your brain chemistry (which is inherited) and your core belief system. Let's take money for example: some beliefs we've had concerning money will affect the way we

*purchase inventory for the business

*the amount we charge for our services

*and how we maintain the business' credit.

Let's take it a step further,

If you personally believe you are unworthy of success --then charging a premium price for your services will not happen for you.

If your brain chemistry is affected by a low production of serotonin-, then it will be pretty hard to stay motivated long enough o make things happen in your business.

If you've always been given a hard time about a certain physical characteristic (which does --seep into our mindset and become footage for the inner critic)-, then it will likely be hard for you to go live to promote your business.

Are you catching my drift here?

Yes, we are CEO's of our own business', but we are first self CEO's--"The CEO of Me" is how I like to refer to it.

So, if you find yourself, having longer periods of stagnation in your business goals, or trying to eliminate some steps because of fear, then perhaps you should include a bit of self- development, as part of your business plans.

I'm a bit passionate about this subject, so I'll go ahead and wrap up now. I do, however want to leave you with some references for any necessary personal development you may need now or in the near future:

1. Visit a physician or natropathic physician to determine if hormone and brain chemistry levels are balanced.

2. Surround yourself with motivational entrepreneurs, and glean from them

3. Develop a morning and evening routine.

4. Include positive affirmations and scriptures as part of your daily activities

5. Prayer Works!

6. Are there patterns in your life, that are now manifesting in your business practices? It could be due to subconscious behaviors. Schedule a visit a counselor or psychologist-m and talk it out.

7. Eat healthy whole foods, move your body, and have a work "cut-off limit". A tired and lethargic body = a tired and lethargic mind (and you know you need that 80% to be on point)!

8. Take coursework to learn parts of your business you have previously found to be intimidating. Then set goals to intentionally conqueror them one by one.

9. Determine if extra vitamins or supplements are needed?

Ultimately, the choice is yours, however my admonishment is to choose something!

Do you want a profitable and successful business? Then you must be the healthy and successful business owner! Remember "You are first, the CEO of YOU"

Happy Self-CEO-ing! (Yes I did make that up!)



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