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Starting a Business? 3 Essential Must-Haves for Beginners

The rush and excitement that accompanies your first business idea—there’s absolutely nothing on earth like it!

Give it a few days, “enthusiasm” links up “confusion”, as the uncertainty of “What’s Next?” slowly sinks into the entrepreneurs soul.

From branding to manufacturers, paid ads to product descriptions; the questions vary drastically concerning the best initial steps to starting a business.

To shed some light on the situation, we’ll look at the 3 essential must-haves for beginning entrepreneurs.

Putting the Cart BEFORE the Horse

Looking at the image, it seems rather silly to literally have cart in front of a horse and wonder why there’s no movement.

Yet day after day, beginning entrepreneurs take the same course of action. Although automation, logos and followers have a level of importance, they’re more like the cart—not quite what you lead out with.

The 3 Must-Haves

There are 3 must-haves beginning entrepreneurs need to have in place to successfully get their business off the ground: availability, atmosphere & attitude.

1) Availability: As soon as that business idea resonates you must commit to dedicating a specific amount of time daily/weekly to working on your business. Truth is, there is no time clock for you to punch nor is there any boss holding you to deadlines. It’s all on you! Inconsistency limits your progress, and limited progress equals limited finances!

2) Atmosphere: You will need a dedicated place to work on your business. A place free from distraction; be it your home office, kitchen table, or sofa. As long as the dedicated work space is a place where: ideas/creativity can easily flow, and paperwork/supplies can stay organized.

3) Attitude: Your attitude or way of thinking determines both the level and rate of success you’ll have in your business. When you have the pressure of everything resting on your shoulders, self-sabotaging behaviors such as procrastination, fear, limiting beliefs etc. have a tendency to show up and potentially halt progress. Ex. You know exactly what you should be doing in order to meet your goals, but self-sabotaging behaviors prohibit them from taking action. Or, there will be extended periods of productivity and when obstacles arise—you completely drop off producing anything for days, weeks or sometimes even months at a time.

Sound familiar?

Not a problem, I have solutions!


Availability: I would suggest scheduling a minimum of 20 hours a week to work on your business. To gain consistency, include the use of a planner, or try a calendar app such as Zapier & Google Calendar. It’s also a good idea to map out a daily routine that will maximize your productivity when you are working.

Atmosphere: We still have a few more days of spring. So grab your mop/bucket and clean you out a dedicated place to complete the task of your business. If you require more structure and working at home is not quite your thing, you may also have the option to reserve a dedicated space at your local library, or opt for leasing a shared co-working space.

Attitude: As a beginning entrepreneur you’ll discover there are some mindsets that you will have to shift, and be intentional regarding developing a mindset for success. I recommend finding a reputable personal development coach/program to assist you in this area. At the very least grab a good book. I’m currently reading Commanding Your Morning: Unleash The Power of God in Your Life by Cindy Trimm, which is an excellent resource on mindset alignment.

Starting a business is an exciting journey!

When the 3 business must-haves : availability, atmosphere and attitude a established early on, you have a business bound for success.

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