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Dare to Dream: 4 Steps to Dreaming Again

Did God put a dream in your heart a long time ago? Were you able to fulfill the dream? No? Then tell me, whatever happened to the dream?

Ummmm, let me guess….

Meet Sasha Maybe you’re like Sasha, who once found comfort in her dreams of owning a hair care product company, yet while raising 4 rambunctious boys on her own, never quite found the time to seriously pursue it.

Millie Perhaps you can identify with Sasha’s mom (Millie). Yesterday she fervently sang along with her favorite track; still vividly picturing herself taking the stage and singing before thousands.

Mrs. Thompson Then there’s Mrs. Thompson, who just received the 3rd request this week to prepare the food for the events of various friends and family members. Mrs. Thompson had a dream of starting a catering business, but the money just wasn’t there. She’s retired now, with a small nest egg and quite a bit of time on her hands. Mrs. Thompson just can’t stop smiling whenever thoughts of cooking in that large industrial kitchen sneak into her mind. Perplexed, Mrs. Thompson frequently says to herself, “Why now, after almost 30 years?” “How come I just can’t shake this idea out of my head?”

The reasons are endless when thinking about why so many have been unable to carry out the dreams hidden deep in their hearts.

Does your story relate to Sasha, Millie or Mrs. Thompson? Could it be that someone discouraged you, or maybe you started, but quit after being bitten by the fear bug?

......It's Not Too Late!

Whatever the reason/situation, I’m here to tell you, it’s not too late!

In fact there is no time like the present to stop thinking about your dreams, and start pursuing them.

That’s right my friends, it’s time to dream again; and I have just the 4 step approach you need to get those creative juices flowing.

Step 1 Picture It: In a peaceful environment, close your eyes and get a mental image of your dream in your mind. Then ask yourself: where would I take this dream if I had unlimited resources and I knew I could not fail? Don’t be afraid to dream BIG!

Step 2 Post It: Next, begin to write out everything you’ve just dreamed about. I encourage you to use your other senses in your descriptions as well (flavors you can taste, sounds you can hear, aromas you can smell etc.)

Writing not your thing? Feel free to draw out your dream, giving a much detail as possible. You can also use stock images, if pictures are more of your flavor.

Whatever method you take, the important thing is to get your dream transferred out of your head, onto paper and posted in a spot you’ll see every day. Also,

Also, use lots of colors in your writing/drawing/pictures! Color makes your brain happy!

Step 3 Pray About It: Be assured, that when God shows you a dream, he will direct the path you need to take. Please, don’t get too deep on this part. Simply pray about it, trust your instinct, and trust the steps you will take are guided by the Lord.

Step 4 Plan It: If you want to see those dreams come true, you are going to need create goals and take action. One tool that may be of assistance to you is the Business Action Plan Workbook for Creative Entrepreneurs. This workbook was specially created to ignite your inner dream chaser, while guiding you through the process of planning and goal setting. You may find it Here.

As a dream chaser, you are entering into a season of discovery, growth and success. I understand it is far easier said than done, but so worth the effort! You’ve started with the end in mind; it’s up to you to keep the dream ALIVE!

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