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3 Ways to Get Over Your Fears & Start Playing BIGGER!

I recently completed series of interviews with new and aspiring business owners, as well as a few long standing entrepreneurs.

As the interviews progressed, I noticed the subject of fear was repeatedly mentioned throughout each interview. For example, some of the fears mentioned included the :

-fear of having enough money

-fear of getting judged

-fear of making an offer to get sales &

-fear of putting themselves out there to actually start their business.

One interviewee even stated “I have a fear of going live & getting in front of the camera” (which is ultimately rejection).

Fear is the body’s primal response to a threat, and certain level of fear is both expected and acceptable.

The problems comes when fear reaches unhealthy levels, becomes paralyzing, and hinders you from taking the necessary steps when it comes to fulfilling your goals and desires.

Are you familiar with the acronym for fear?

F= False




The F in this acronym is key; in most situations the fear that restricts us is not even real--it is completely false (also occasionally irrational and highly unlikely to come true).

So in today’s post, I want to take a closer look at 3 of the most common fears that are known to hinder progress, which ultimately stops you from playing BIGGER:

1) Fear of “The Worst”

As I innocently began to inquire of my interviewees, I also noticed an excessive amount of “what if’s” making their way into the conversation.

-“What if no one buys it?”

-"What if no one shows up?”

-"What if I mess everything up?

-"What if no one likes it?” and the list just went goes on….

Not only do the “what if’s” indicate a high level of negative anticipation, in one’s life, but they also indicate the presence of uncertainty, and a lack of inner peace.

Action Step: Develop a step-by-step plan for obtaining your goal, and picture yourself successfully carrying it out.

This exercise will help you flip the script on uncertainty, and begin to positively anticipate your situation being resolved. (Also, just in case you did not know, anticipation is known to increase your levels of happiness!)

2) Fear of Rejection

Rejection is the dismissing or refusing of an idea or proposal.

You know most of us were born with the settle need of socialization and connectivity, which of course, makes rejection that much more painful.

Action Step: Expect rejection as part of the process and while you are at it, refuse to take anything personally.

My previous years of sales experience taught me, you may get seven “no’s” before you get the next big “yes”. And…………when you do get the “no’s”, try not to take it personally.

Think of it this way, just like you do not want to accept every offer that comes across your desk, some the people you encounter may very well feel the same way.

Sometimes it’s not personal, in fact most times it’s not personal—your offer simply isn’t what they need at that time.

“Fail Early, Fail Fast, Fail Often?”

3) Fear of Failure or “atchiphobia”

Failure is defined as the lack of success.

Whenever one feels they have failed at a task; it unfortunately leaves a blueprint of “failure” on your mind, which in turn, can result in a lack of activity.

Action Step: Optimistically address the problem and focus on what you can control.

Many of things you worry about are out of your hands. Just like there is a 50% chance it will lead to failure, there is also a 50% chance things will lead to success.

Ask yourself: “What can be done differently to increase the chances of success?”

If you have done everything you know to do, then your only job is to put it in God’s hand and trust that this too will work out for your good.

Let’s wrap up by reconstructing the acronym for fear:

F= Face




Each of the action steps I provided are strategies I use in my own personal life, to help me Face Everything And Rise, when facing potentially

fearful situations.

Although all these have worked well for me, I want to let you in on my secret weapon.....

I call it the Why + Goals Strategy

It’s quite simple, I remember my “why” (why I’m doing it), and I consistently keep my original "goal" (my desired end result) in front of me.

By focusing on my the reasons why I'm doing it, and the end results I desire, it allows me the strength to push through any fear I may be having—thus allowing me to play bigger!

There are about 6 weeks left in Quarter 3, and 18 weeks left in 2018.

Are you on track to accomplishing the goals you've set for yourself this year?

If not, what role has fear played in your level of progress?

Complete it right away, and remember to post in a location you can see daily.

Until next time!



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