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Say Hello To The "Kingdom CEO Movement"

Greetings All!

This is the day the Lord has made, I shall be glad and rejoice in it!

Yes ya’ll I am over here singing this lovely afternoon!

Listen, God is doing some really great things over here, and I am just bursting with excitement to share with you!

Isn’t it just AMAZING how we serve a God that never changes, yet he’s always changing people, places and things?

And on this day, I’m feeling just oh so blessed to be a partaker of one of the people/things He’s changing!

In case you haven’t heard yet, BizChat Unlimited Online Business Academy is undergoing a brand change.

Starting next Monday (10-14-19), We'll officially re-launch under the new brand; The Kingdom CEO Movement

Yes, you are reading right, I’m not just starting another brand, I’m creating a MOVEMENT of Kingdom CEO’s!

Are you ready for the details?

New Tagline: Monetize Your Ministry

New Mission: The Kingdom CEO Movement exist solely to improve the economic well-being within the body of Christ.

Our Core Values: Educate, Encourage & Empower

What We Do: We will help you transform your lessons, sermons, bible series, job expertise or personal story into marketable digital products that transform lives and create additional streams of income

A Few Examples of Digital Products: range from online classes & courses, webinars, how-to to videos, ebooks, workbooks, audio recordings/music, journals/planner etc.


  • Low overhead

  • Shorter start-up period

  • Able to impact the lives of larger numbers of people

  • Create additional streams of income

  • Automated: downloads are made and payments received w/o you being present, at any time day or night (i.e. passive income)


We are kicking off the official re-brand of the Kingdom CEO Movement on Monday 10-14-19, with a FREE 5-Day Vision Challenge “Unleash The Vision Within”

In this challenge we’ll spend 5 LIVE sessions across 5 days doing the following…….

*Discovering the important role your hidden passions and heart’s desires play into developing your vision

*Learning strategies for overcoming vision blockers like fear/self doubt/resistance

*Getting clear on your God-Given vision

*Creating an actionable plan to accomplish your unique goals

*And Learning how to position yourself as a visionary, and even get paid for your gifts, talents and expertise…..

Where: Unleash The Vision Within Challenge starts, Monday 10-14-19 at 7:00 p.m. inside the Kingdom CEO Facebook Group

Sign up: 2 ways to sign up:

1)Register on the web: (click on 5 Day Challenge)

2) Join: the Kingdom CEO Facebook Group ( just make sure you answer the 2-3 questions)

Alrighty guys, I'm going to wrap up here

I tell you, I am sooo excited about what God is doing in this hour, not only in my life, but in your life as well.

Be Blessed,

Alecia N. Johnson, Founder Kingdom CEO Movement

P.S. Don’t forget to Register for the Free 5 Day Vision Challenge Here

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