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In the midst of all the Christmas shopping, entertaining and gift giving, I’ve been setting aside some dedicated time for journaling and reflection.

As the calendar headed towards the end of yet another year, I begin to reflect on the all of my blessings, the initial goals I set for 2019, my list of accomplishments, the things really wanted to do (but didn’t), some of the things I want to prioritize next year, and most importantly, I asked myself “Why” in each of this area.

I reflect on exactly “why” (and how) I accomplished certain goals, as well as “why” I didn’t accomplish others.

Now, I have to admit, 2019 was a very “different” year for me.

And that’s different in a good way.

Although I won’t go into all the things on my list, I will share that one of the highlights of 2019 was the launching of my new brand “The Kingdom CEO Movement”, which was truly a manifestation of a long-term vision.

You see, it wasn’t enough for me to simply become another business owner, I had a vision to create a movement.

So just what is a movement?

I think author Joel Huyer describes it very well in his article “What’s So Great About the Acts 2 Church?”

Movements, on the other hand, happen when ordinary people like you and I become contagious about a shared vision and begin infecting our neighbors.

True movements multiply spontaneously and exponentially like viruses.

Movements are the work of all of us, not just a few specialists.

Movements are like starfish.

Because they are decentralized, you can cut off one arm and like a starfish it will just grow a new one.

Movements can be catalyzed but not “programmed.”

Sis, Isn't that Powerful!?!

So when I read the description of what a movement really is, and I reflect on the fact that out of all the people in the world God could use to spark a movement in the area of Kingdom Entrepreneurship,


Truthfully, I find it to be absolutely breathtaking and humbling at the same time.

As a matter of fact, this revelation has caused me to face a very hard truth….

The vision is so much bigger than you and I.

God's Vision is Greater than our wants & desires-Kingdom CEO Movement

Do you realize you have someone’s next level and/or breakthrough in your mouth?

Literally, someone (from somewhere) has been praying for answers, and God has provided a solution through you.

People are waiting on you to fulfill your role in the God’s plan, so not showing up is NOT AN OPTION! (Let that be something to reflect on that the next time you talk yourself out of going live- especially when you know you have a word to release!)

Again, that revelation is absolutely breathtaking, humbling and somewhat scary all at the same time, especially when you think about it as it relates to you and your calling)

Alright folks, you all know I’m a writer at heart, so I better close here before my blog post turns into a book chapter. (LOL!)

In closing, I want to thank you for all of the support you’ve extended to me both personally, and to my brand.

I encourage you to join me in the spirit of “reflecting”, and use your personal discoveries to both plan out your new year’s goals and map out your action steps.



Alecia Nichole Johnson, founder of the Kingdom CEO Movement

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